• Please sign-in EVERY DAY before you ski either online or in person.  It is mandatory for Contact Tracing!  SIGN-IN HERE!

  • Please also sign the attestation once for each season pass holder and if you buy a day pass.  ATTESTATION FORM!

  •  If you need day passes, rentals or a season pass please use our on-line store.  Buy a pass online, sign the attestation, sign in online or here and just go skiing!   STORE FOR PASSES AND RENTALS.  

  • You can also buy passes/rentals ahead of time, but make sure you sign in for the day you are skiing.

  • The lodge is closed except for rentals.  Please check the open hours below if you need rentals.  Please pay on-line and then wait to come inside until there are no other guests in the ski shop.  802-434-2283.  Porta-Potties in parking lot.  

Latest Update:  3/3/2021 8:20.  Ski shop open today 2-6pm and earlier by chance.            

1″ new snow this morning, and currently lightly snowing.  Great to get fresh snow over our firm and fast conditions from yesterday.  32km open today with pisten bully grooming on 10km this morning.   Hinesburg Hill Loop groomed yesterday and in great shape.  Still deep snow coverage everywhere.   Good for skate or classic today with the fresh snow.        

Always check our google team scheduling link through March, 2021 if you like to avoid skiing here when team practices are happening.  Of course we’re still open to the public during team training too.         

Event note:   Next event at Sleepy is Saturday March 6th Bill Koch Festival.  9am – 4pm.  Races on Zig Zag and lower part of Ridge Road.   Easy to avoid this race course.  Other skiers will tour around Sleepy with their families at a slow pace.   We’re still open to the public during the Bill Koch Festival, but it will be less busy after 1pm that day as most events are in the morning.   

Night skiing open this week M-F dusk til 8:30pm. No night skiing on Saturday and Sunday nights.

Skirack Wednesday Night Worlds is different but ON!  Details here.    Results link Here   

Skiing info below:     

  • Masks are required while skiing. 
  • Vermont daily Covid contact tracing sign in required as well (located at lodge) or can fill in online (see top of this page).   
  • Shop will be open this weekend Saturday and Sunday 9am-5pm.  Lodge also open weekday afternoons now usually 2-6pm and by chance earlier.   
  • Season pass pickup open on front porch.  Passes are alphabetized.  Email us if you can’t find yours.    
  • If you’re not a season pass holder, you can purchase a day pass online.     
  • Reciprocal pass redeemers – there is a blue 3 ring binder on porch you can fill in reciprocal pass info and head out for your ski!  

Don’t forget with your Sleepy Hollow Season Pass you receive:  1.) 20 hours free EV charging in our parking lot.  2.) One free visit to Cochran’s ski area.  3.) A summer pass to Sleepy Hollow (Mtn. bike, hike or run May – Oct.).  4.)  Also one free ski ticket at these areas.  http://skivermont.com/nordic-reciprocal.

Sleepy Hollow’s Webcam

Current & Recent Stats

Km open snowmaking loop:   2.5km (of 2.5km)

Km open natural snow trails:  32km (of 32km)

Km classic tracks set: 25km (of 32 km)
Km Snowshoe Trails open: 10km
New Snow in last 24 Hours: 1″
Depth of Snow in Woods: 16″
Depth of Packed Snow on Groomed Trails:, 8-12″ on natural trails
Please Note: We do not allow dogs in the winter on the skiing or snowshoeing trails. Sorry, fatbiking is not allowed.

Call us at (802) 434-2283 for the latest report.

Also check John Hadden’s Huntington Weather Blog

Sleepy Hollow Winter History: Note: 2.5km must be groomed to qualify as an open day for natural skiing.

Natural Skiing: Dec. 18th-Dec. 24th, Jan. 2nd-
Snowmaking Loop: Dec. 8th-24th, Dec. 26-

97 Days Open Natural Skiing: Nov. 12th- Nov. 26, Nov 30-Dec. 9th, Dec. 18-Dec. 22nd, Jan. 1-3, Jan. 5- Jan. 11th, Jan. 16th-Mar. 9th, Mar 24-25
127 Days Open Snowmaking Loop: Nov. 18- Mar.19th, Mar 24- 27 (Weather note: 2″ snow on May 9th, followed by 2″ May 11th – skied on 5/12/20!).

127 Days Open Natural Skiing: Nov. 14th-Dec. 21st, Dec. 25th- Dec. 28th, Jan. 6th – Mar 30th
143 Days Open Snowmaking Loop: Nov. 15th- Apr. 7th…. 2km loop

94 Days Open Natural Skiing: Dec. 13th – Jan. 11, Jan. 13- Jan. 27th, Feb. 2 – Feb. 19th, Mar. 3rd – Apr. 2nd.
115 Days Open Snowmaking Loop: Nov. 28th- Feb.20th, Mar. 3rd-April 12th…. 1.2km loop

82 Days Open Natural Skiing: Nov 21st -Nov 25th, Dec 5th-Dec. 8th, Dec. 12th- Dec. 27, Dec. 29-Jan 11, Jan 25-Jan26, Feb.1-Feb. 22, Mar. 15th-Mar. 28th, April 1 -2nd.
99 Days Open Snowmaking Loop: Dec: 5th-Feb. 26, Mar 15-Mar 28th, April 1-2nd….. 1.2km loop

28 Days Open Natural Skiing: Dec. 29th & 30th, Jan. 4th-9th, Jan. 13th-16th, Jan 18 -25th, Jan. 30th & 31st, Feb. 11th-16th,
66 Days Open Snowmaking Loop: Dec. 1st-11th Dec. 29th-30th, Jan. 4th-Feb 3rd, Feb. 6th-Feb. 24th, Feb.26-Feb. 28… 1.2km loop

103 Days Open Natural Skiing: Nov. 27th-Nov. 30th, Dec. 9th-Dec. 24th, Jan 4, Jan 11- Apr. 3rd
123 Days Open Snowmaking loop: Dec. 1st – Apr. 3rd… 1.2km loop

102 Days Natural Skiing: Nov. 28 – Dec. 4 / Dec 15 – Dec 21 / Dec 25 – Jan 5 / Jan 19 – Apr. 4th
129 Days Snowmaking Loop: Nov. 26 – Dec. 14 / Dec 16 – Apr. 5th… 700 meter loop

62 Days Open Natural skiing: Dec. 24 – Jan 13 / Jan 22 – Jan 29 / Feb 8 – Feb 11 / Feb 20-Mar 10 / Mar 16 – Mar 26
94 Days Open Snowmaking loop: Jan. 15 – Jan 30 / Feb 3 -Mar 28th… 700 meter loop

27 Days Open Natural Skiing: Dec. 28-31 / Jan. 14-Jan.23rd /Jan. 30-31st / Feb. 25-Mar 3 /Mar 5-7

112 Days Open Natural Skiing: Dec. 8-12 / Dec. 14-Dec. 31 / Jan 3 – Apr. 4th

89 Days Open Natural Skiing: Dec 11-Dec 26 / Dec 29 – Mar 12

81 Days Open Natural Skiing: Nov 22 – 24 / Dec 13 – 15 / Dec 17 – 27 / Jan 3 – Mar 8

108 Days Open Natural Skiing: Dec 3 – Jan 8 / Jan 18 – March 31

72 Days Open Natural Skiing: Dec 8 – 10 / Dec 30 / Jan 15 – Mar 24

50 Days Open Natural Skiing: Nov 24 – 27 / Dec 12 – Jan 16 / Jan 26 – 29 / Feb 26 – Mar 9

90 Days Open Natural Skiing: Dec 13 – 28 / Jan 7 – March 28

90 Days Open Natural Skiing: Dec 7 – March 10

106 Days Open Natural Skiing Nov 24 – March 10

72 Days Open Natural Skiing: Dec 21 – March 2

109 Days Open Natural Skiing: Dec 18 – April 6

Eli’s 10-point Rock Skiing Scale:

  • 10: Should have used my race skis.

  • 9: Very nice skiing, but will see the occasional rock or icy patch.

  • 8: Very good skiing. There may be some bumps, rocks, ice or grassy spots to watch out for, especially on corners.

  • 7: Not too shabby. You might think it’s an 8, but then you snag a rock and fall on your face. It’s a 7.

  • 6: You’re out there thinking is this a 5 or a 6? Then the sun comes out. It’s a 6.

  • 5: Halfway decent skiing…. Still some rocks, grass, ice, or wet spots, but well worth the effort to get out the door.

  • 4: Meh.

  • 3: Fairly bad skiing. May be occasional patches of good skiing, but in general quite rocky, grassy, wet or icy.

  • 2: Pretty bad skiing… Not for beginners, use your most banged up rock skis…. Better than running, barely.

  • 1. I should have gone running